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Feeling for Healing, Intuitive Patti Ortyl

I have had the pleasure to be Patti's teacher, mentor, and friend for several years. Her mediumship gifts are amazing as are her skills as a teacher. She embodies the integrity, compassion, and professionalism that sets her apart from others who do such work. I highly recommend that you experience her abilities personally if you seek the information she shares as she brings voice to those who are now in light.


Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.,
Medical Intuitive, author and
Director of the Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies


Patti Ortyl has a gift. For anyone with an open mind, and a curious heart, wanting to connect with loved ones and family members who have passed, you have a chance to have at least one more conversation. I had such a great experience with Patti; I have gone back time and time again.  Patti connected me with stories about family members that only we could have known. It was a fantastic experience and I recommend it to anyone.


Mary Clifford, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

Department of Criminal Justice

St. Cloud State University



I knew from my first reading with Patti that she comes from a space of great integrity, compassion, and skill. I felt at ease with her instantly. It was a precious gift to be able to receive messages from my deceased father and brother. I could literally feel their presence during the readings! A reading with Patti is a gift you give yourself. There is a great difference in the quality of intuitive readings, depending on the clarity and skill of the channel. Patti is the real deal, gifted and full of integrity. That's a powerful combination!


Virginia Sobel, Life Coach
Author of What Good Are You Without Your Cheesecake
Recipe? A Spiritual Journey Toward Self-Worth



To know Patti is to know that she has chosen to use her special gift of communication with spirit, together with her compassion for others, to teach people that they never walk life's path alone, and that they can rely on the divine guidance of spirit during their short time on earth.

Darlene Frederick, Financial Consultant


Patti Ortyl has a talent that I do not fully understand but I do appreciate.  Her "reading" with my father was extremely comforting and uplifting.  I was able to get a sense of his passing and where he is now because of her intuitive talent.  It comforts me to know that he is safe and happy in his world.  I look forward to meeting with Patti again and going for another "visit".

Laurie Waterman, Furniture Store Manager


There are no words to describe Patti's ability.  She is so honest, sincere, and just a true friend. Her reading astounded me and introduced me to so many spiritual elements that I never knew had existed around me until now. Life makes SENSE now!

Jennifer Hoskins, Realtor

Patti Ortyl has truly been a life changing factor in my life. I knew from the moment we were introduced that there was a connection, but I had no idea to what degree. Patti provided messages to me from my brother who passed over from a tragic car accident many years ago. Her reading allowed me to finally heal and achieve a peace of mind I never thought possible. In addition to her ability to channel messages, she is an extremely talented Reiki therapist and educator. I thank GOD everyday for bringing Patti into my life spiritually, emotionally and personally!


Jill Plasman, Human Resources Generalist 


Patti did not know that I had lost 3 children or about my current situation when we had our meeting.  She brought all three of my children out, mainly focusing on my last child who died, the one that I was having the most trouble coping with. She was 100 percent right on everything that came out.  There was absolutely no way that she could have guessed any of it. She assured me that my children are still in my life and always will be.  I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the peace that she has given to me by sharing her gift.  Shine on Patti!


Jill Wenger, Lowell, MI