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Feeling for Healing, Intuitive Patti Ortyl
Intuitive Readings

I will no longer be taking any new clients.  If you are an existing client and have had a reading with me before, please send me an email if you wish to book a reading.


~Readings are over the telephone or in person ~


Frequently asked questions:


How do you go about giving a reading?


          I am a Medium, which means that I can be a "bridge" between this world and the next.  I can connect with your loved ones and guides on the other side.  I am extremely serious about my work.  Therefore, I prepare and meditate ahead of time (usually the night before or the morning of your appointment).  At the time of your appointment, I should have information to give you immediately.


How do you "receive" the information you deliver?


          I am Clairvoyant, which means "clear seeing" (I can literally see energy - which looks like a big ball of glitter to me), I am Clairaudient which means "clear hearing" (I can hear out of my left ear), I am Clairsentient which means "clear feeling" (I can literally feel things like heart attack, cancer, gunshots, etc.), I am Claircognizant which means "clear knowing" (I will have thoughts in the form of sentences and paragraphs given to me), I am Clairalient which means clear-smelling (I can literally smell things like perfume, cigars, etc.), and I am Clairhambient which means "clear-tasting" (I can taste things in my mouth like poison or even chocolate-chip cookies).


What type of clients do you have?


          I will only work with individuals who are as serious about the work as I am.  I do not do this for fun and games and I also do not work as a psychic.  I only work with individuals who need closure, validation, or peace of mind that their loved one is okay on the other side.  Sometimes people will come to me to communicate with their guides and get direction in their lives.  If "future" information comes up in their reading and is channeled, then I will deliver it.  I firmly believe that "we" can change our own future with OUR own thoughts!


How long is a reading and how much do you charge?


          A reading can go between 1-2 hours and I charge $120.00 per hour.  I WILL NOT cut you off when your hour is up!  That is not how I work.  I will stop when "they" stop on the other side.  If your session starts to go 1 1/2 to 2 hours then I will bill you accordingly via PayPal.  I believe in building relationships with my clients and I also believe in quality not quantity.  I still communicate frequently with people I have given readings to years ago.


What can I expect from my reading?


          I suggest that you have NO expectations because ANYTHING can happen during a reading.  Sometimes other energies come in as well as messages for other people that you may know.  The more open-minded you are, the better the reading will go for you.  Most of my clients walk away with peace of mind.  Don't be surprised if the messages you receive are mundane.  Chances are, the more mundane the messages, the more YOU can validate the information.


Have you ever delivered negative messages for someone?


          I only ask for messages for your greatest and highest good.  I have never encountered anything "evil" or had to deliver bad news.  I have given some "warnings" or "cautions" regarding things like health issues or relationship issues, but again - I only ask for messages for your greatest and highest good.