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Feeling for Healing, Intuitive Patti Ortyl

Reiki I/II - $225.00 ~ (Workbooks and Lunch will be provided)

Both level I and II are taught in one day and the class is comprised of lecture, discussion, and hands-on experience. These two levels will awaken the healer within so that you can practice Reiki on yourself and others, as well as send energy long distances. Through a series of attunements, your energy will become elevated and your Chakra system will become balanced so that you can become a conduit for Universal Life Force Energy to flow through your meridians. In this class, you will learn the following:

            Learn the history of Traditional Usui Reiki

            Learn the Reiki Hand Positions

            Give a Reiki treatment to friends, family, and pets

            Balance your energy system

            Learn about the Chakra system

            Be able to send Reiki long distance

            Learn the Reiki symbols for healing


Reiki III - $300.00 

This level is taught in one day and is for the serious student who is ready for an intense healing experience.  The class is comprised of lecture, discussion, and practice. This class will concentrate on advancing your skills and developing your intuition as a Reiki healer. Levels I and II will be reviewed before you receive your Master attunement. This attunement will increase your vibratory levels and further balance your energy system so that you can become a clear channel for the flow of Life Force energy. Pre-requisite: Reiki Levels I and II. In this class, you will learn the following:

          Learn the Master symbol for healing

            Be able to describe what it means to be a true Reiki Master

            Learn the ethical issues involved in practicing Reiki

            Learn additional symbols for healing and how to use them

            Learn advanced techniques for using Reiki


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April 13, 2024
Cost:  $60

The Space

37608 N Cave Creek Rd, Top Floor,
Cave Creek, AZ 85331


If you can relate to any of the following, then this is the class for you:

  • You have always felt like you ‘don’t fit in’ or feel ‘stuck’.
  • You know that there is something bigger and better out there.
  • You are seeking balance in your life.
  • You feel a ‘calling’ to be of service to people.
  • You feel you are a very spiritual person, but don’t know how to express it or connect with it.
  • You have feelings of ‘loneliness’ or ‘sadness’.
  • You feel a need to connect with other like-minded individuals on a metaphysical level.

Come join in the fun, share stories and meet new people!  In this class you will learn what a lightworker is and the role of a lightworker, as well as balancing and grounding techniques.  If time permits, Patti will discuss energy information for 2024 and also provide messages to the group from the guides.


Workbook and snacks provided.


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