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Feeling for Healing, Intuitive Patti Ortyl

   Patti Ortyl is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Psychic Medium.  She currently lives in St. Louis MO and Scottsdale AZ but continues to practice and teach at The Crown Jewel Spa and Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In addition, she holds special workshops on various topics like Intuition Development, The Human Energy System, and Relaxation and Meditation.  She is also a member of The International Association of Reiki Professionals.

   As a Medium, Patti helps her clients find closure, validation, and peace of mind by communicating messages from loved ones on the other side.  Clairvoyant since the age of six, she has helped hundreds of people through the painful grieving process of losing a loved one.  Patti has refined her skills under the direction of her mentor, and author, Denise Iwaniw, and continues to study with her on a regular basis.

   Patti is a graduate of The SEND Institute, which is a two year spiritual-psychological self-development program that meets over two years in six intensive learning modules.  The modules focus successively on understanding the power of each of the seven chakras, and learning to balance and integrate the wisdom of these spiritual centers into one's life expression.  In December of 2007 she received her Ph.D. in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science from The Ritberger Institute in California.  She continues to study under the direction of Dr. Carol Ritberger who is a renowned Medical Intuitive, Hay House author and national lecturer.   Patti is certified and licensed to administer The Ritberger Institute's Personality Color Indicator and is available to give workshops in personality typology based on the teachings of Dr. Carol Ritberger.

   In 2012, Patti began working with paranormal investigators where she helps determine if a property has paranormal activity, and if so, helps to gather evidence via video and audio for the client.   She has co-hosted several paranormal radio shows and has also appeared on the PBS Show, "Ask The Paranormal Expert".

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