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Mediums / Intuitives
Anne Brady

C.T.C. ®, M.T., Reiki Master, Intuitive and Energetic Wellness Facilitator

Anne provides individual, couple and family sessions for Intuitive readings, coaching and energetic healing.

You can reach Anne at:  


Denise Iwaniw

Whether you are looking for one on one psychic development coaching from an experienced and authentic teacher or looking for spiritual insight for a specific area in your spiritual life, this is a perfect vehicle to help you accomplish either or both from the comfort of your own home and sacred space.

With over two decades of national and international teaching to her credit, author and psychic medium, Denise Iwaniw, is now offering this unique opportunity to assist you in exploring and expanding your Gifts of Spirit under her skillful guidance. Denise will provide useful homework and skill training for you to continue to strengthen your abilities as a teacher, or spiritual advisor.

Denise's website is:  www.templewithin.com

Antoinette Lewicki

Antoinette is a psychic medium from DeWitt Michigan.  She is also a Reiki Master.  She is willing to travel do to private and group readings and classes.

You can reach her at:  517-668-6446

Melanie May

Melanie is a psychic medium from Cicero, NY.   She does individual and group readings and classes.  Her website is:


Spiritual Coaching
Mindy Hills / Spiritual Coach

Spiritual guidance is being present in the moment, seeing and honoring the sacred mystery of the soul of another. It's modeling a deep relationship with the Divine and standing in faith and love with one another as the relationship unfoldsThe purpose of Spiritual Guidance is to discern individual strengths and to assist others in finding clarity to determine a loving course of action which allows for transitioning to their inner truth. 



Sahra Alexander / Spiritual Coach

Within Joy is a practice of inner healing and play that empowers you to create the life you choose.   Sahra will help you to explore things within yourself you never knew were there; to access your Divine Self for answers within. 

Sahra has played in the realm of healing for more than two decades.  She has studied extensively, and been divinely guided.  She applies many unique approaches to activate your spirit, relax your mind, and soothe the body.  


Jan Atwood, Grand Rapids MI

Jan is a Reiki Master Teacher and practices and teaches in Grand Rapids, MI.  She is a spiritual director and is also trained in CranioSacral and Raindrop Therapy.  Her website is:  www.janatwood.com

Betsy Hess, Grand Rapids MI

Betsy is a Reiki Master and practices in the Grand Rapids area.  You can contact her via email at:   trust.love.heal.reiki@gmail.com

Website:  www.trust-love-heal-reiki.com

Her Face book page is:  https://www.facebook.com/trust.love.heal.reiki

Anne Meyer, White Bear Lake MN

Anne is a Reiki Master who practices in White Bear Lake MN.  Techniques:  Reiki, Chakra clearing/balancing, Magnetic clearing, brushing and sweeping.  Also Ask & Receive (Radomski).

Pieces of Mind and Body



Lori Richardson, St. Louis MO

Lori is a Reiki Master and practices Animal Reiki in St. Louis MO.  She is also a Natural Allergy Elimination Practioner and works on both animals and people with allergy issues.  Her email address is:  jethrole1414@sbcglobal.net

Tina Ritchie, Kalamazoo MI

Tina is a Reiki Master Teacher and practices and teaches Reiki in Kalamazoo MI.  She is also trained in Sacred Childbirth with Reiki.  Her website is:  www.kalamazoomassagectr.com


Linda Unterkircher, Grand Rapids MI

Linda is a Reiki Master in Grand Rapids MI.  She is a member of the Grand Rapids Wellness Collective where she practices Reiki and teaches Essential Oils classes.  Her website is:  www.awakenverve.com

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